Shoo-Fever (10ml)


To reduce and manage fevers and symptoms of fevers. Also the ultimate immune booster and support. For babies 2 months up, kids and adults.

Make it a set of 3 with any 3 Standard Blends for a discounted price of $37.90!

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#HSShooFever is our must-have and must-bring for travels and basically everytime!

🎀 symptoms of fevers (you know, the before-you-get-the-fever chills, feeling feverish and slightly unwell) best time to apply before fever strikes⠀

🎀 during fevers ⠀

🎀 to reduce swelling of bumps and bruises (those cannot-keep-still toddlers, yup, we know! 😅) ⠀

🎀 immune-boosting⠀

🎀 before and after water-play⠀

🎀 teething discomfort (along the jawline and back of ears and neck) ⠀

🎀 growing pains (“Pain-Less” for our cute little beings 👶) ⠀

The #ShooFever contains so many oils that have fever-reducing properties like peppermint, lavender, frankincense, lemon, bergamot and lemongrass. But more importantly, it boasts so many more oils for their anti-bacterial, anti-viral and immune-boosting properties.

Need we say more? 🤭

So, take time to apply it along the spine and massage it through. And apply generously everywhere during fevers, especially on hotter areas like forehead, neck, underarms, inner thighs and around the navel.

Remember, consistency is key! Apply once or twice daily for immune support, 3-4 hourly for mild fevers, 1-2 hourly at the onset of fevers.

Great for adults and kids 2 months up!

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