‘Baby’ Minis (4ml)


Our must-have Baby Bedtime Blends in 4ml bottles. This set consists of Shoo-Fever, Tummy Relief, Flu Bomb and Sleep Tight. These blends are great for babies and adults from 2 months up as a bedtime routine.

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Baby, minis are our must-have Baby Bedtime Blends that we use daily for bedtime routines of our little one.

Apply Shoo-Fever on the bottom of feet and along the spine to boost immunity.

Apply Tummy Relief on the tummy in clockwise direction to relieve any digestion discomfort.

Apply Flu Bomb on the bottom of feet, on the back and chest and back of ears to clear airways for unobstructed breathing.

Apply Sleep Tight on bottom of feet, back of ears and between eyebrows to calm the senses and promote relaxation for better sleep.

We recommend to end it off with a HUG and a KISS. Good night, Sweet dreams!

So handy and convenient as a travel set or a starter set. This comes in an elegant gift box making it perfect as gifts. What better way to share the joys and goodness of Heaven&Soothe essential oil blends! They make wonderfully practical gifts for new parents.

When you’ve tried them and love them as much as we do, check out our regular-sized range of 10ml roll-on bottles for more volume and value.

Minis by Heaven&Soothe are pre-packed sets and are not meant to be sold individually.

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